Security Management

Our personnel (“Team Members”) have decades of operational experience allowing them to streamline and coordinate an economical application of resources while minimizing the probability and impact of unforeseen events.

The Analytikos Security Management approach begins with our robust Fusion Cell capabilities. Our key positions in our Fusion Cells consist of a Operations Chief (Day/Night), Intelligence Analysts, Spacial Awareness operators, monitoring our GPS positioning platform, Logistics, Budget and Cost control and well trained Liaison Officers (LNO’s).

Analytikos has several strategic partners that are able to provide Aerial Surveillance (Drones) with night and thermal capabilities.


Decades of operational experience.


Our Intelligence Team strikes a distinct balance between state-of-the-art intelligence platforms that provide in-depth analysis and atmospherics and Human Intelligence/Open Source Data through our licensed Private Detectives.


Our intelligence team strikes a unique balance.


Analytikos can provide in-depth Instructor Led Training or Table Top Exercises through our experienced Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP) instructors. Additionally, Analytikos provides ICS / NIMS compliant training through our former and current emergency management personnel. Our speciality focuses on Agro-Terrorism, Animals in Disaster, Active Shooter and Medical Response.


We provide in-depth ICS / NIMS compliant Training

Additional services

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Private Detective Services

Analytikos is a Licensed Private Detective Agency in the State of Nebraska & South Dakota.  Our focus is Security Management, Intelligence and Surveillance. Nebraska Secretary of State Private Detective Agency License Number 1302. South Dakota Business ID: FL151967

Fusion Cell (Operations Center) Expertise

Our Fusion Cell personnel are professional leaders with vast experience in Military Operations, Law Enforcement, Silicon Valley, Oil and Gas, CIA, DEA and United States Army Special Operations. Our personnel are well versed in conducting complex operations, link analysis, threat and risk assessments that provide our clients with the Command and Control they deserve.

Incident Response Teams (IRT’s)

Through our past experiences working in disaster areas, we have developed and designed well trained Incident Response Teams (IRT’s). Our IRT’s are specially designed to provide Security, Medical and Civil Affairs capabilities.

Worldwide Asset and Personnel Tracking using our “Analytikos 360” Platform.